Should I join CSL if I'm currently in an education program or bootcamp?

As of January 2022, 54% of the people who’ve joined Career Strategy Lab already did or were currently enrolled in a UX bootcamp. 

There are people in CSL who also attended boot camps and education programs including:

  • Career Foundry
  • General Assembly
  • Nielsen Norman Group
  • Springboard
  • Bloc
  • Thinkful
  • DesignLab
  • Ironhack
  • Pratt 
  • RISD
  • University of Washington
  • Parsons 
  • And more! 

As one person who attended Thinkful said:

“CSL has been amazing. It’s worth every bit of it. It’s better than the boot camp I’m in. It’s filling in all the gaps that many UX boot camps have, especially when it comes to finding a job with their vague guarantees for help after you get your certificate, right down to writing your case studies.”

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